Fashion and graphic designers, Illustrator, 
Stylist, Dreamer, Observer, Great listener, 
Dissatisfied, Overactive, Traveler, Life lover, 
I laugh at stupid things just 'cause they tickle me!

I believe that fashion is the most immediate and 
effective expression of ourselves.
What we are, what we're not and what we'd like to be,
is first of all communicated with our own look, 
even tough not so significant, it still is a clear way to 
show a little of ourselves to what is around us. 
Create this form of communication is the only thing 
I believe I can successfully do for all my life.

Born in Turin At the beginning of 1986, 
Graduated in Fashion & graphic design from IED torino in the 2008
Fashion designer. in style office for 2 year
Stylist in London from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Creator of the brand WLY


"It's that i'm just trying to find another way."

This is a quote that I borrow from Edie Sedgwick
because this is what WLY try to do, find style lovers 
outside the fashion system only with 
passion and determination.

A small brand born in Turin.
Simple volumes, geometry, monochrome, oversized, 
All handmade.

                                           These clothes are made 
                                        With Love.Yoanna.